Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Power Outage Causes Sump Pump to Fail in Rochester, NY Home

The customer’s home in the pictures shown is in Rochester, NY. This customer suffered water damage from a severe wind storm that knocked out the power for... READ MORE

Ice Dam Causes Damage in Rochester, NY Home

In Rochester, NY, during the winter time, ice can build up on rooftops and create ice dams. These ice dams can cause severe structural damage once they melt and... READ MORE

Ice Dam Damages

This home in Hilton, NY suffered a water loss post-winter storm. The roof was the target for a lot of snow and when the weather was warmer, the top layer of sno... READ MORE

Storm Wreaks Havoc on Home Bathroom

This home in Northern Monroe County was the victim of storm damages, specifically a flood of water from a melted ice dam. The bathroom was a major hot spot for ... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Roof

This home in Brockport experienced a storm damage loss after an ice dam collected on the roof. The ice dam melted partially and the water seeped through the roo... READ MORE

Roof Ice Dam

This home up on Lake Ontario suffered water damages from an ice dam caused by icicles from a winter storm. An ice dam allows water to well up and do all sorts o... READ MORE