Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Machine Shop in Rochester, NY Suffers Fire Damage

This is a very large fire that occurred in Rochester, NY. It is a Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machine Shop that had an electrical fire that was started in one o... READ MORE

Large Office Building Suffers Water Damage

This is a brand new office building in downtown Rochester, NY. A pipe burst and was not noticed until the following day, which means the water was running for m... READ MORE

Water Damages in Company Supply Closet

This company located on the Westside of Rochester, suffered a major water damage, especially apparent in the supply closet. The main water line in the company h... READ MORE

Complete Remodel Post Mold

This company office located in Greece, NY underwent a complete remodel after a major mold infestation. The company is a seasonal company, thus, the mold was gro... READ MORE

Apartment Water Loss

This apartment in Northern Monroe County experienced a water loss after a malfunction of the washing machine. The water spilled all over the floor and spread th... READ MORE

Severe Water Loss in Apartment Building

This apartment complex in Northwest Monroe County suffered from a major water loss after one of the washing machines went haywire and a pipe connected to the wa... READ MORE