Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in Basement of Home in Rochester, NY

This is a customer’s home that is located in Greece, NY. The basement was heavily affected with mold after a large amount of water and moisture sat withou... READ MORE

Mold in Utility Room, Rochester NY

The pictures shown are of mold that was discovered inside the utility room of a local Rochester, NY apartment building. After being tested, the property managem... READ MORE

Mold Found In Home Under Construction

This home under construction is located in Northern Monroe County and suffered from a mold intrusion. Pictured here is one of SERVPRO's state of the art air scr... READ MORE

Mold Lurking in Home Office

This home located in Churchville, NY was the victim of a mold invasion within the home office space. The homeowners were snowbirds, so there is no timeline as t... READ MORE

Mold Hidden in the Attic

This house in Hilton was the victim of a mold infestation. Attics are a common hiding place for mold since heat and moisture rise in a home, creating the ideal ... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Hard to Reach Crawl Space

These homeowners found a colony of mold that was tricky to detect. The knew they had mold growing because of the smell, but were unable to check the crawl space... READ MORE